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The Van's Val's. The Ute's mine . . .

Updated: Jan 20, 2020

Val and I decided to try caravanning. So she picked the van. But I picked the tow vehicle.

I think I'll be doing the driving though - she can hardly reach the floor; never mind the pedals.

In all honesty, I've always had this dream, but a very good friend, Eddy Van Dongen has actually done it. He drove his 'ute' around home a couple of weeks ago and hooked it up to our van for the shots.

Eddy has been trucking for decades - his handle - "Truckin' Eddy" - says it all.

The ex-Centurion Kenworth is in for a retirement of sun and sand as Eddy takes his van around the country, with frequent visits to the Transport Hall of Fame in Alice Springs.

The truck can tow anything. If he feels like some pocket money, he forks the ute tray off and fits the turntable - back in business.

Plenty of water and fuel and if he gets banished from the van by the missus, he can live quite comfortably in the sleeper.

Meanwhile, my second-hand Isuzu D-Max will do the towing duties for us.

Safe travels mate.

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