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How NOT to do customer service.

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

Val and I have recently upgraded our caravan to a Jayco with an ensuite. I contacted the factory "Customer Care" team for a spec sheet as follows:


I have just bought a second hand Jayco Sterling and would like to get the spec sheet for the van’s features and equipment if possible.

Here are the details:" (attached pic of compliance plate).

I first got an auto response saying how excited they were too hear from me and would be in touch.

This morning I got this:

"Hello David,

Jayco manufacturing data and production information is not available for general external distribution.

Kind Regards

Customer Care Team"

So I thought their customer care team could do with some help. I sent this:

"Your "Customer Care Team" either needs some training, or is misnamed.

If refusing to give out spec data is indeed your company policy, here’s how you should have replied to me:

Dear David,

Firstly, welcome to the Jayco family across Australia. We’re delighted you’ve chosen a Jayco van and we’re sure you’ll have many kilometres of happy travelling with us. Please remember that across our national dealer network, we’re here to help you get the most out of your Jayco.

In relation to your query, I’m afraid we don’t give out spec detail from factory records, as much of it is commercially sensitive.

However, we’ve sent your query to the selling dealer and hope they can help you with some data from their records.

In the meantime, Happy Caravanning.

Hope this is helpful to you - With my compliments."

I wait with anticipation . . .

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Hi David, I had the same problem with Jayco. I called them seeking dimensional details on an older 2010 model van, not available they said, find a dealer and go measure the van yourself.

I also thought that was poor service from a leading company, perhaps a case of complacency.

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