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Four-Seat Extremes - Whimsy

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

Looking for a four seater? Don’t want garden variety, go to sleep wheels - like an SUV?

Wanna be different?

The giant Fiat Group can help with a product from each of its brands at opposite ends of the affordability spectrum. These are two four seaters that are as different as you can get - and yet somewhat the same - yeah right.

Fiat’s 500 and Ferrari’s GTC-4 Lusso. Just for fun I took one of each to a Fiat dealer in Werribee on the western outskirts of Melbourne to line them up against each other.

Here’s the commonality - Italian, stylish, red on the engines, three doors - that’s about it. The differences are more interesting.

Fiat 500 Pop Ferrari GTC-4 Lusso


4 12

Capacity - litres

1.2 6.3

Power - kW

51 515

Torque - Nm

102 697


4-speed manual 7-speed Dual Clutch


Front All

Fuel Use - l/100kms

4.9 15

Weight - kgs

919 1,880

Max Speed - kmh

175 335


??? 3.4


$17,990 $578,888

I managed to secure the assistance of three sales people who were keen to try out the accommodations. Surprisingly, they all fitted in both cars, although the 500 was a squeeze. Plus it wouldn’t have been fun after a couple of kilometres.

But we went for a quick run in the Lusso, and they all said it was supremely comfortable in the back.

Comparisions like this serve no purpose other than to highlight the contrast between budget priced, high economy motoring and marvellous excess. One almost meets a need, the other more than satisfies a want.

Most of us have imagined what it’s like to be in a high performance car when driving our current wheels in traffic. So I tried imagining what it would be like to drive the Lusso when driving the Fiat. It didn’t work.

So I took the Lusso for a drive instead.

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